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Our Organization

Every day, children are left unattended in or around vehicles – a danger most people greatly underestimate.  Hyperthermia, power window strangulations, and low-speed high severity crush injuries like backovers and frontovers typify what happens when children are left alone in or around motor vehicles on private property.  This emerging public health issue causes death and injury due to the dangerous social practice of leaving children unattended in or around vehicles. has worked diligently to document the dimensions of the problem through their unique data gathering techniques. focuses attention to these tragedies with education and public awareness campaigns to this previously unrecognized public safety problem. Successfully passing state laws, proposing Federal policy change and working towards the redesign of motor vehicles to make them safer for children are of paramount important to reduce or eliminate these predictable and preventable causes of injury and death. has conducted extensive research on how often children are injured, abducted, disabled, or killed because they are left unattended in or around vehicles.  To date the organization has captured information about almost 10,000 children whose lives have been endangered because they were left unattended in or around vehicles on private property. has documented over 2450 child deaths and knows these data vastly underestimate the true magnitude of this problem.  The statistics from this growing database is what is being used to create a social norm change in the United States so children will no longer be left unattended in or around motor vehicles.

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